Generating Impact For A Decade

In 2019, the DIRECTV, Piedra, Papel, Tijera corporate volunteer program turned 10, a decade of transformative actions throughout Latin America. During this anniversary season, our volunteers returned to the places where the first actions had been carried out, to reconnect with the communities and deepen the help.

During the month of August, 70 volunteers from different countries traveled to Santa Marta, in Colombia. For three days, employees and clients of DIRECTV worked on the construction of a NAVES toy library to promote the game as a right for children among the 1200 children and adolescents of the Pescaíto neighborhood. A school + classroom was also installed and they provided an entrepreneurship workshop for local youth. This action would not have been possible without the collaboration of singer Carlos Vives and his La Perla Foundation, and the coordination and arrangements of the LATAM airline.

Aware of our ability to have regional reach, and committed to the responsibility of being a leading entertainment experience company, we carry out actions such as Santa Marta through our Corporate Social Responsibility platform, DIRECTV Generation.

In this way, over a decade more than 14,000 DIRECTV employees committed themselves to the 266 actions carried out throughout Latin America. On these occasions, each of them worked as a team, forged friendships and took unforgettable memories of fellowship and cooperation with them.

These types of actions mean growth for DIRECTV, since by contributing to the development of the communities we influence, a virtuous circle is generated, which also directly benefits the business. In addition, it generates greater closeness between employees and customers, giving them added value in their daily work.

Backed by a decade of experience in CSR actions in the region, we can be sure that every volunteer action that took place meant a before and after in the life of all the actors involved. It is this expertise that gives us the support and the impulse to continue generating spaces of action among employees, communities and strategic allies to continue leaving a mark on the lives of those who need it most.

Enzo Dotto is Regional Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility of DIRECTV Latin America where he directs the “Generation DIRECTV” program that focuses on volunteering, education and influence in the communities which they work with.


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